This is what clients have had to say about their experiences with Tom at Mindful Career Solutions.


Adam Moser, Head of Ad Operations at Hulu “Tom worked closely with a couple members of my team – and gave them great tools, insights, and coaching for their development as managers. They have shown positive growth in many areas, and call back to their time with Tom, as well as his analysis of their teams, when confronted with managerial challenges. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Tom and MCS.”
Eric Amato, Digital Account Executive, ESPN “I truly benefited from Tom’s expertise in the areas of coaching, counseling and placement.  He guided me through all my options in advancing my career and gave me the confidence in myself to pursue what I thought at the time was the riskier move.  Through his coaching, I was able to make the decisions necessary to enhance my value at my then current job while he helped increase my profile externally.  Within a matter of a couple months, I received an offer to work for a much more respected brand in an extremely competitive marketplace.  He is someone I will keep in touch with throughout my career and continue to rely on regarding my work life happiness.”
Sydney F “I was referred to MindfulCS by a friend because I was feeling stuck in my job and was no longer in a good frame of mind when I was in the office.  Because I was a friend of a friend, Tom met with me just to talk and refused to charge me.  After one conversation, I felt very energized and asked my company if they would pay for some coaching.  I had no idea how open they would be to this idea so I was pleasantly surprised when they employed Tom’s services for me for multiple coaching sessions.  I was able to refocus my energies on moving forward rather than be stuck in my own mire.  My thought was that I would take advantage of the recruiting services to get out of my misery.  I actually ended up first being happier in my current position, but also worked on a professional development plan and was able to find a different path within my own division.  Tom’s thoughts on “work-life integration” has made a huge difference for me.”

Alison Yobage, Director of Business Development at clypd, inc. “Tom, a friend and former coworker, made a seamless transition to career coaching and was incredibly helpful to me over the last few months. From help with small things like “I am stuck here, what’s another word for…” on email notes, to much more complex ones like his Spectrum Analysis online evaluation with in-person follow up and explanation of results, Tom knew when to be tough, when to be encouraging, when to say those things many other people would shy away from.

“It is said that coaching and managing your friends is one of the toughest transitions to make. He’s done it really well”

Ya Fen Wong, Manager at Hulu  “Tom provided me a fresh perspective on my team and myself. It helped me become more self-aware and observant of needs of each individual I interact with. In result, this helped me communicate better, understand their personal drivers better, and develop a stronger relationship.

“I appreciated the analysis that Tom walked me through and do actively put it to use. I recommend Tom and his awesome insights!”

Steve Dorn, Manager at Hulu  “I met with Tom for ten weeks in his Managerial Coaching program and had an excellent experience. We spent time discussing my personal work style, my growth and opportunity areas and how I could continue to grow as a new manager.  Additionally, we had my team members complete a Spectrum Analysis which helped me understand their key motivators and how I could work with each of them in a different capacity. It was great having Tom as another set of eyes for different situations or issues and I definitely value his opinion and thoughts on things!

Jeniffer Jung, Account Manager at Concertex, LLC  “Tom was able to give me a in-depth look into so many aspects of my life using the Spectrum Analysis. It is unlike any other personality/career evaluation I’ve taken. I received my detailed analysis quickly, and before I knew it Tom & I were meeting again to discuss what the findings mean. I learned of where my personality and work life are in harmony, and where they can be improved.

“Tom, I’ll be keeping this handy for a VERY long time!”