Leave Your Work Stress at Work


One of the most important elements of work/life integration is leaving our stress at work; and it’s one of the most difficult to accomplish.  An article in WSJ by Sue Shellenbarger  last month reminded me of some great practices we can put into our everyday routines to help shed the stress of the workday.

  1. Schedule time at the end of the day to catch up on emails, clean up your desk, jot down a to do list for tomorrow
  2. Use your commute to relax.  It’s the “decompression zone!”  If you drive, enjoy the traffic to listen to your iPod, SiriusXM, sports talk, or whatever floats your car.  Don’t catch up on calls, do that in the office.  Call to catch up with a close friend (BlueTooth Only!).  If you take the train or the bus, it’s time to embrace all those silly games like Candy Crush, Words with Friends, Word Chums.   Any mindless or even mind stimulating activity can help get your mind off the shitty day you just had.
  3. Shut the door of the work day behind you.  Enter the front door of your home, or whatever door you need to, turn to the day, shut the door on it, and enter your home life!
  4. If cooking dinner stresses you out, spend some time on the weekends putting together pre-made meals for a couple nights.
  5. Let your children know that the first 20 minutes of home time is “me time” while you get your bearings.

Whatever you employ, it’s about setting your frame of mind and getting into that routine of integrating your professional life into your personal life – when and where it belongs!

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  1. This is 100% spot on TD! I’ve been practicing this for a few years now and, it works like a charm.

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