Your Resume Sucks

Question:  Would you like your first interactions with prospective hiring managers be through them reading your resume and looking like this:











Of course not.  So why keep adding to your old, stale resume with each new position you obtain.  Even recent grads who took a resume building class learned from someone not in our business and has probably not read hundreds upon hundreds of resumes, good and bad, and taken the time to really understand the important keys.  Trust me, I’ve seen these pieces of shit.  And I’ve also seen the reformatted, rather than thoughtfully re-written, pretentious resumes done from the so called Professional Resume Writers.

You have about 5-7 seconds to get HR recruiters and hiring managers, (and me) to become interested in your resume, and they will typically scan it for only another 25 seconds after that.  UNLESS you have a very well organized, concise, and pleasing to the eye document that tells your story without 78 bullet points, your unrelated skills, and a self proclaimed list of cliche descriptors, you are not going to have a first good impression.  Just like a 58 page deck. . .the more you try to present, the less that gets absorbed.  A well written, to the point resume will get more of it read than one with two pages of small margins, small fonts, and small talk.

And yes, many of us are senior and know enough people that our names will be recognized and our resumes be walked in with a, “you gotta see this person,” but you still want to make it easy for the exec on the other side of the table to get a quick understanding of your value.  If you can do their job for them by clearing out all of the bullshit and buzz words (most of them, at least), they will immediately have a better impression of you, not to mention the insight that you can communicate clearly and succinctly.

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