Tom Dondero has built teams from the ground up, revamped a massive internship program at ESPN where his structure is still used to this day, 10 years later, created a sales development program, and interviewed hundreds of candidates for all levels of jobs.  One thing that he has learned is that it is the rare person who possesses a quality resume.

Through researching good and bad practices, speaking with his professional recruitingWhats-Your-Story and coaching community, and working with entry level to senior executives, Tom has become a master resume writer.  He re-writes resumes, he does not just re-format them.  Don’t be fooled by the “Professional Resume Writers” out there that have no experience or connections within the industry in which you are working.

When it comes to the media, marketing, and advertising business, there is no one more qualified to make your resume as valuable and good looking as you are – PERIOD!

And if your profession is outside the media business, Tom’s skills have proven to translate across multiple industries, from finance to real estate to the medical field.  While he can re-write a marketing resume in his sleep, his thoughtful and individual approach gives him the rare ability to wax poetic (without being cliche’) in any business’s language.

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