Career Counseling/Resumes



Whether you are a soon to be or recent graduate, or a seasoned professional, it is never a bad idea to speak with a qualified counselor.  Topics include work-life integration (we don’t balance our work and our life, we learn how to create a happy, satisfying mixture), career changes and clusters, resume and bio building, interviewing skills, executive coaching, networking, among others.

Free phone consultation

Special offer for undergraduates and recent graduates: Media Industry Careers: Sign up for our MEDIA BLITZ PACKAGE that will get you the resume and interviewing skills, and the connections to get started in the media business (package offer).

One to one interview coaching, resume building, career mapping and networking.  Plus guaranteed interviews with either media agencies, media content partners, or both.  This program consists of an initial meeting plus follow up consultation via email, phone, or face to face discussions. Contact us

Undergraduates and recent graduates/young professionals searching for that perfect career: Sign up for the SPECTRUM ANALYSIS/COACHING PACKAGE to find out what careers are your perfect match for your motivators and strengths.

Benefit from our proprietary assessment tools that will compare your natural and adaptive personalities and rank your motivators giving you valuable insight into what types of careers will make you happiest in the long run.  Contact us