8 Steps to Avoid Procrastination

image002Eight steps to avoid procrastination. All of us have a self-starter mentality inside ourselves and we all have the opposite side that wants to take it easy, relax, even slack a bit. It’s only a matter of to what degree. Some people rarely, if ever, lose focus on the priorities. For those of us (like myself) who may tend to indulge the procrastinator within us every now and again, here are a few actions to consider:

  1. Break large projects into smaller tasks
  2. Remind yourself of the payoff
  3. Avoid thinking you HAVE to be perfect
  4. Make a commitment to yourself as to a completion time and then tell others
  5. Delegate!
  6. Reward yourself as you complete each step
  7. Is it really a priority? Perhaps you can eliminate it. Think carefully about this one. If you eliminate it, will you be at ease?
  8. And as always, follow the guidance of Mark Twain and EAT THAT FROG. Taking care of the harder, inevitable tasks early in the day will relieve a huge layer of stress.

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